Frankenbot, the second more heavier 4WD bot. Frankenbot was build to have more features but because of its weight it is somewhat slower in driving that his little brother EEKbot.

Features of Frankenbot:

  • Main controller: Arduino Mega
  • Mega sensor shield
  • Second controller: Arduino Uno
  • Mp3 player shield from Adadruit for sound and music
  • 4 watt, 4 ohm mini speaker
  • USB host shield for connecting PS3 dual shock controller
  • Bluetooth 2.0 dongle
  • Lynxmotion pan and tilt with servos for the head
  • Head with 8×8 blue led display and ultra sonic sensor
  • 3x ultra sonic sensors for object avoidance and autonomous driving
  • High sensitive microphone for sensing sound
  • Dual L298 h-bridge motor driver
  • 4x motors with gears, modified with capacitors for electrical noise reduction
  • Piezo speaker for sound and debug feedback without using the sound shield
  • High Power 2S 7.6 Volt LiPo battery for the motors
  • 2x 18650 batteries for powering the Arduinos + shields
  • Voltage meter + dual LED switches
  • Adafruit 8 Neopixel bar for nightrider effect, siren effect and floodlight effect.