Eekbot, the first robot I build. It uses a lightweight 4WD configuration for speed.

Other features of EEKbot:

  • Arduino Mega
  • Mega Sensor Shield
  • Ultra Sonic sensor to measure distance
  • PS2 controller with level shifter
  • 5X Line detector units
  • Dual L298 h-bridge motor driver
  • 4x geared hobbymotors
  • A “frikking” laser!
  • Power: dual 18650 batteries

The software is coded from the ground up. Features; full autonomous mode, line following mode, PS2 controller mode, different laser modes and two different drive modes. Coded in C/C++, modular software architecture.

The chassis was rebuild to make the motor units fit better. The “head” is fully controllable within the software and with the PS2 controller, using two mini servos.