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Smokey, the Hexapod Preview

A few nights ago I was asked to put a showcase of my Robot on a robotforum.
I did not yet have anything to really publish although my Hexapod was running.
A short movie was made to analyse movement (using 120FPS recording) in slow-motion.
I used this footage to create a small preview of Smokey.

The result is pretty […]

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Hexapod hardware and Servos arrived.

This weekend I received more hardware and electronics for my hexapod.
The aluminum frame arrived and the 20 servos. 18 of those servos were designated for the hexapod.
The first thing I did was test and center the Servos to 90 degrees. Right from the start I noticed that one servo did not react to any of […]

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Robots inspired by nature.

One of the inspirations for my next robot the Hexapod comes from seeing the work of Kåre Halvorsen.
Kåre also known as Zenta on the forums and Youtube has created some of the most interesting and beautiful robots.

His latest robot the “MorpHex MKIII” is an amazing spherical robot that is able to transform from a rolling sphere […]

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The brains – Test Setup

Progress update on the hexapod brain.
The Botboarduino is connected to the SSC-32U Servo controller using a Serial connection.
A PS2 controller is connected to the Botboarduino using a leveler. The leveler is needed to change the voltage of the signals between the PS2 connector and the Botboarduino. I connected 3 servos to test the control of […]

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Bill of material

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The brains!

The hexapod needs a good “brain”, a controller that can handle commands from a device and then send it to a servo controller.
Since I already experimented with using game-console controllers for my first two robots, I wanted to start with one of those to send the direction and commands to the controller chip.
The beauty of these controllers are […]

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