Who Am I?

Right from the very start I was interested no, obsessed with computers. I learnt how to program and then  hack the games that back then came on tape and later disk. I wanted to understand it all. I wanted to understand how other peoples code worked. I spent many hours researching and experimenting to gain that knowledge. This was the beginning of my path to become a true engineer. Many decades have past since those early days but I still love to do the same  type of experimenting and researching I did back then. This past year I have found a new interesting  facet of engineering: electronics and robotics. Arduino opened up this landscape of sensors,  processing and motor drivers. I could easily apply my skills into this realm and delve deeper into the fascinating world of robotics.
  • Software engineer for 30+ years
  • Professional Software Engineer
  • Tech junkie
  • Can use tools 😉
  • Fueled by caffeine!

Profile Picture

Sebastiaan Holman
Sebastiaan HolmanSenior Software Engineer

Some of my highlights

    Fast 4WD robot
    Line following capabilities
    Modular software
    He’s just cute!
    Heavy 4WD robot
    Sound capabilities
    The cool brother
    Inverse kinematics
    18 servo’s
    PS2 controller
    different implemented Gaits

Engineers make their thoughts and dreams a reality!

By combining their brains and the tools to their disposal.